5 Places In Dubai That Every Music Lovers Must See

Some people say that love makes the world go round. But for music enthusiasts, the sweet sound of rhythm and blues is enough to rock their world. If you are currently in Dubai or have a scheduled trip in this beautiful city, then be sure to come visit these places that are made especially for music lovers:

  1. The Dubai Opera


The Dubai Opera is considered one of the most popular tourist spots in Dubai and quite a special place for music lovers and entertainment connoisseurs. This opera house present everything that is music – from live orchestras to movie screening and concerts. The good news is, this iconic opera house is open all year round and feature both international and local performance and acts. Music lovers can catch live acts should they happen to visit this place. But it would be best to book your reservations in advance to ensure a hassle-free entry.


  1. The Fridge


If you are looking forward to hear some local acts, then The Fridge might be the perfect place to visit. This space is open to up and coming local musicians who want to showcase their talents to their audience. Mostly, this space would feature home-grown music and hold several concerts to introduce what’s new in Dubai music scene.


  1. The Irish Village


If you are looking for a taste of Irish culture and their musical tradition, then the Irish Village would be the perfect place to go. The good thing about this place is the relaxing and laid back vibe that is accompanied by live music performances. Apart from the unique and distinct Irish music, they also feature other acts from different cultures. Most often, people who visit or frequent this place enjoy a good food with excellent music.


  1. Blue Bar


If you are into spirits and jazz, then the Blue Bar would give you what you need. The Blue Bar boast of a great décor and authentic jazz music. They often feature live performances from up and coming jazz performers. Aside from great music, they also offer the best drinks. Their margaritas are quite popular amongst first-timers and regulars.


  1. Trader Vic’s


If Latin music is something you crave, the Trader’s Vic is the place to go. This South seas-theme cocktail place is quite popular for its live music performances and great cocktails. And the bar also provide the stunning view of the city from the terrace.